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Our Fee Structure


TKI is able to offer a three-tiered fee structure for its clients.

Because legal systems and fees vary from country to country, this structure cannot be uniform; however, the staff at our home base will work a case on a flat contingency rate of fifteen percent of the collected amount.

This percentage includes the cost of such services as sending individualized demand letters by registered mail, making long-distance telephone calls, reporting regularly to the client, and making full use of our foreign contacts.This is all included in the first tier of our collection efforts.

In the second tier, a client can request that a case go directly to of our many foreign and nationwide affiliates. The contingency fee would increase to between 20% to 35%, depending on the location of the debtor This fee includes all of our home base fees and reflects the cost of sending a case to an affiliate. Our affiliates will then work a given case extra-judicially, and could include some pre-litigation maneuvers such as the placing of liens or levies, or sometimes even having formal demand made by a Court, depending on the jurisdiction. Many of our affiliates will conduct asset searches or skip trace at no extra cost. Our affiliates have been carefully chosen, and for the most part have catered to our needs for many years.

The third tier is litigation itself. Our individual affiliates will assess a given case, and provide us with the best suit fee obtainable in a given jurisdiction. We provide the client with the suit fee structure, and wait for potential approval from the client before suit is initiated. Foreign lawsuits cans be expensive compared to American standards, but we believe that our own affiliates provide the least expensive suit fees attainable.

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